While I label myself as a Web Developer, I am capable of many other types of Web / Design work. Explore below to see what services I can provide you!

Front End Development

My favorite part of the web! Front End Development involves me taking a website design and turning it into interactive gold! I always make sure to develop any project so that the target audience has the best user experience and cross-browser compatibility. This way your users are happy and more likely to interact with your website/business.

Examples: IgnitePixels Interactive, Seba International, Daniel Gray 3D

Back End Development

And my second favorite part of the web! It's great to be able to make a static design into a full functioning website, but giving that website dynamic capabilities increases the overall quality. Whether it be pulling data from a MySQL database using PHP or inserting a home-brewed Content Management System, or sending emails directly from your site, I can give a website an extra layer of interactivity.

Examples: IgnitePixels Interactive, Seba International, Chuck Jones Center

Web Design

While I pride myself on my coding abilities, I can't code without a design in mind. To create an effective design, I have to do my homework. I take a look into the topic of your website (Real Estate, Restaurant, Music Industry, etc.) and figure out what elements are effective for that type of website. Then, I create a hand-crafted design, tailored to my research and your exact wants. The result is a design that is effective at driving potential users to your site and turning them into repeat customers.

Examples: IgnitePixels Interactive, Daniel Gray 3D, Wild Orchid Weddings

Responsive Design

Responsive Design, Responsive Web Design, or RWD is not a specific language or technology, but a different way of thinking. A responsive website is one that resizes and reorganizes information on a website based on the device viewing the website. This makes it easier for the user to find the information they need, and ultimately, provides them with a better overall experience with the website.

As more devices with a variety of different sizes come out, I believe RWD will play a large role in the Web. No one knows what type of devices a user will view your website on, so it's best to be able to adapt to any of them. RWD is key to any website/business looking to interact with their users on any and all forms of media.

Examples: IgnitePixels Interactive

Email Design / Development

Email design and development is an entirely different facet of the web. It requires an entirely different set of skills and methods than standard websites. Lucky for you, I have plenty of experience in this field. Email is a great tool to continue to deliver your business message and branding to a customer.


And what is a website design without solid branding behind it? I can help your website/business develop a clear message through its branding that will stick with your clients. My branding talents include logo design, business card design, letterhead design, and other mediums that extend your website/company's branding.

Examples: Wild Orchid Weddings

If you have a Web / Design project that doesn’t fall into one of these categories, it never hurts to shoot me a message anyway. Who knows? I might be an expert in that too!.


"Fil is THE man on websites and he'll be my first contact for any website work I'll need in the future"

Daniel Gray